If you have been injured on the job and your employer has five or more employees you are entitled to have all your medical bills paid and to receive compensation for your time off work and the future losses from the injury.  Often there is a dispute as to the payment of these benefits the employee is due or the employer’s insurance company simply does not offer the fair amount for the employee’s injury.  Consult with Mr. Wood about your injury and he will assist you in the making sure you receive the Workers Compensation benefits the law provides.  It can often be important to talk to an attorney early in your case as critical events occur soon after an injury such as the selection of doctors or surgeons for which Mr. Wood can make valuable recommendations from his experience.  Do not sit on your rights, seek counsel.

Social Security Disability law is a distinct area of the law for persons who, due to injury, disease or other frailty of life who can no longer work in gainful employment.  Mr. Wood will encourage you to apply with the Social Security Administration before seeking legal counsel as you may be eligible for your benefits without the need to hire counsel.  Beware the tv lawyers who seek to get involved in your disability case before you have been declined by the SSA.  Feel free to discuss your situation with Mr. Wood.