Dedicated Full-Service Law Firm

The courtrooms in the big city are the same as the ones in our rural counties,  one judge presiding with two lawyers presenting their case.  Our firm handles all types of cases in Federal and State courts all over Tennessee and Mississippi.  We will look out for your best interest.

As a well seasoned attorney, I provide honest, practical legal counsel in a variety of legal areas.  Over twenty years of courtroom experience does make a difference.  Let that experience work for you.

T L Wood Law Office, P. A. is a law firm in Adamsville, Tennessee anchored by an experienced attorney with a diversified practice including serious injury, automobile and eighteen wheeler accidents, workers compensation, slip and fall, employment discrimination and sexual harassment, insurance disputes, estate and probate work, commercial litigation, contractual disputes, divorce, custody, paternity and child support cases, domestic violence, drug, dui and other criminal cases.  You can expect and receive top notch representation in any of these areas with a  record of proven success.