Going through a divorce, a child custody dispute, or a paternity lawsuit is stressful enough without the added complexities of wondering whether you hired the right lawyer. With Mr. Wood you will have confidence in knowing you are in good hands. He will explain the law to you in plain terms and help you identify the things that you need to gather together for him to help you proceed with your divorce, custody dispute or other family law matter. Most importantly, you will not be alone; he and his staff will be there for you every step of the way. He understands when you should go to trial and when you should consider appropriate terms of a settlement.  That type of knowledge is developed only through years of experience.

Mr. Wood understands that a child is a precious gift.  Regardless of the situation involving a child custody dispute, it can be one of the most stressful and painful ordeals of a parent’s life without the assurance of having a experienced lawyer who knows Tennessee child custody laws.  If you are in the process of a child custody (now known as primary residential parent status) dispute, you need the experience of Mr. Wood to fight for your rights. He will make sure that the court is aware of all factors that may influence its decision about custody.  If you have children and you are considering divorce, custody is one of the issues that is likely weighing on your mind.  Every divorce action involving children will include a child custody order known as a parenting plan. When the divorce is filed, the court will order temporary custody through a temporary parenting plan. In the final divorce decree, the court will include an order for legal and physical custody of the children known as a permanent parenting plan. So if you are considering divorce, it may help you to know as much as possible about Tennessee parenting plans and the laws guiding their implementation in your situation.  Mr. Wood will seek to preserve and uphold your parental rights and keep strong your bond with your child.  Come meet with Mr. Wood and let him put your mind more at ease through his explanation of the law as it will apply in your case.

From time to time an emergency can arise endangering the child or the parent and quick action is necessary to avoid an abusive situation.  If your physical safety is threatened please seek the protection of law enforcement then make an appointment immediately with Mr. Wood to pursue the appropriate emergency order with the court.  He will take immediate action to protect your child, if you feel that he or she may be in danger. He will be there with you throughout the custody dispute process, ensuring that you know what to expect at every turn.

Mr. Wood is experienced in handling cases involving grandparent’s visitation rights  If you are a grandparent who wants to spend time with your grandchild, Mr. Wood can help.

Mediation is required in many areas of the law before you can have a final hearing.  Mr. Wood is a licensed family law mediator frequently working with people involved in custody and divorce cases aiding them in reaching peaceful resolutions of their cases saving them from going through the agony of trial.  Having tried many divorce and custody cases over twenty years Mr. Wood is uniquely capable of mediating bitter disputes between disgruntled spouses and parents.