An accident can have life altering consequences. Getting over the effects of an accident and its often horrific memories can never be erased. People don’t file lawsuits to erase the past; rather, they file them because the accident changed the future. After a serious injury activities that were once simple often become difficult, painful, or even  impossible. All aspects of life are affected from playing with children or grandchildren to sharing holidays with loved ones.  Those are just some of the changes that result from the carelessness, recklessness or outright negligence of another.  It is not something you expected, asked for, or planned. People don’t save money for these types of losses; rather, we save money for trips, new cars or weddings. That is why having an experienced trial lawyer like Mr. Wood looking after you is so important. No, personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits cannot return a loved one who was wrongfully killed, nor replace legs so that you may walk, but they can help you get needed, often very expensive medical care, and realign your life and compensate you in a manner the law provides for your pain and suffering. That is the purpose of personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. You have a right to be returned to your former life, or as near as possible. To achieve that type of settlement, you need a very aggressive personal injury lawyer who has the stamina to go the distance in a hard case and the scientific medical knowledge to not only understand the medical paperwork but to refute the insurance companies’ claims.

Always remember that insurance companies for the negligent party only have one objective: to get a cheap settlement, but that settlement will pay you the least amount of compensation possible. That’s their job. You need an experienced trial lawyer like Mr. Wood who’s success record is in the courtroom, not in making pretty billboard or television ads.

Mr. Wood will work quickly and thoroughly to properly evaluate your claim and determine exactly how much the insurance company owes you for your injuries which may include examining your medical records, hiring accident reconstruction engineers or other highly specialized experts to prove your case.

This is a highly competitive and valuable area of practice for many lawyers.  As a result you see tv ads every five minutes, billboards all over every rural county advertising far off lawyers.  Unfortunately, anyone can buy a billboard or tv ad and seemingly appear as experienced as anyone else.  Moreover, even a newly licensed lawyer can obtain settlements from insurance companies.  However, the results often are not as good for the client as when an experienced trial lawyer such as Mr. Wood is involved.

Come talk to Mr. Wood for more information to help you make an informed decision.  Check his credentials.  Mr. Wood has the large trial verdicts to prove he can be there if the settlement offers are too low.  You will NOT find another lawyer who has obtained contested trial verdicts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in Hardin and McNairy county.

You would never think of hiring a heart surgeon to crack open your chest and repair an artery blockage if he constantly hawked his services on tv and billboards.  Why treat the important task of finding a lawyer for the most important legal matter of your life any less seriously?  Mr. Wood will be there for you.